Workplace investigations answer the question of whether alleged behavior occurred when there has been a complaint or other reason for concern in the workplace. If requested, a determination as to whether policy was violated can also be made. Determining what happened is the important first step before making employment decisions. An investigation provides employers with clarity when there are different versions of events, or when there is a question about the extent of the behavior, the impact of the behavior, or the motivation for the behavior. In some cases, employers are required by law to conduct an investigation.

With over 20 years of experience as a California attorney steeped in employment law, Michelle McGrath is a meticulous fact-finder whose knowledge of the applicable laws and analytic skills are evident in her nuanced fact-findings. Michelle creates an environment of trust where witnesses feel comfortable telling their side of the story and responding to questions about difficult, often highly-sensitive, subject matter. Michelle has a keen understanding of evidence relevant for credibility assessment, and years of experience in evaluating the reliability of such evidence and weighing it. Her reports are a synthesis of evidence and analysis in a clear, understandable format, so that decisions can be made with confidence. Michelle also has experience testifying about her investigations.

Michelle McGrath has developed a trusted network of resources in the area of forensic accounting, computer forensics, among others, and involves these experts when the unique circumstances of an investigation require it.

Michelle McGrath has conducted investigations in a wide variety of workplaces, spanning technology, healthcare, academia (universities and independent schools), government, commercial real-estate, food and beverage, and wine-making, among many others. Most of her investigations involve witnesses at the leadership level in the workplace, highly sensitive issues and/or other complex aspects. She has been called upon to investigate claims of sexual assault, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, unequal pay, conflict of interest and bullying, among other issues in the workplace. Michelle is deeply committed to the standard of excellence when entrusted with this important work.