Workplace Investigations

Having a policy prohibiting harassment, setting out a procedure for making complaints and informing the workforce of this policy and procedure, are ways that employers can prevent and correct harassment in the workplace.  An employer who takes these steps can limit their liability in some cases of harassment.  Integral to any complaint procedure is the investigation of the complaint.

McGrath Investigations has worked with attorneys, corporations and small business owners as an independent neutral workplace investigator regarding claims of misconduct in the workplace.  These claims can include, but are not limited to, sexual harassment, discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, disability or religion, failure to accommodate religion or disability and/or harassment based on any other protected class.

Every investigation is conducted by a licensed California attorney who has over fourteen years of experience in the employment law arena, and together with a certificate of completion from the Association of Workplace Investigators Training Institute, has a keen understanding of the requirements and techniques of an effective workplace investigation.  Meticulous data collection, including witness interviews, as well as credibility assessments, form the basis for reasoned conclusions in written or verbal reports that can be used by employers and their attorneys to make employment decisions.

Our workplace investigations are conducted in a prompt, thorough and impartial manner whether it involves a corporation in a major metropolitan area, a small family-owned restaurant, or a production facility in a remote location.  Investigations can be conducted with interpreters of any language.

Investigations can be structured so that the attorney-client privilege applies between the attorney investigator and the employer.  However, should the employer choose to waive the privilege in the future, the investigator is available to testify at deposition or trial regarding the investigation.

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