An employment attorney dedicated exclusively to workplace investigations and training.

Michelle Regalia McGrath dedicates her law practice to conducting neutral investigations on behalf of employers in response to complaints or allegations of misconduct in the workplace.  These complaints can include: harassment, disability accommodation issues, disability discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, sex/pregnancy discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, violence, bullying, retaliation, whistle-blower allegations, performance issues or conflict of interest.  Ms. McGrath conducts investigations throughout the state of California for private and state entities.  She conducts investigations for federal agencies nationwide.  Separately, Ms. McGrath conducts educational training for the workplace.  She offers training on conducting workplace investigations, as well as the prevention of sexual harassment, retaliation and discrimination on all bases.  


When Should an Employer Conduct An Investigation?

When an employee communicates that he or she feels that he or she has been treated unfairly, or that he or she is being harassed or bullied in any way, the organization must be prepared to conduct a comprehensive, objective and professional investigation. An employee will rarely use legal terms when they are making a complaint, nor put such a complaint in writing, so an employer must listen closely to their employees.



Why Hire an Outside Attorney to Conduct an Investigation?

An employer can conduct an investigation utilizing an internal employee. However, conducting an effective investigation is an acquired skill. An employer should carefully consider the implications of using an internal employee to investigate the claims that are made by another employee.